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As funny it may sound, punctuations should be taught as a separate subject and not just a chapter in the English grammar textbook! I read. And I read until I get an idea or a hint. I also like to discuss with the grown-ups around friends and family for suggestions. Describe your process for research while writing.

I read — not just books but anything I lay my hands on, including pamphlets. My major inspiration comes from real life events, scenarios and people.

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I stick to a character or a trait and build my story around it. Share some valuable tips for publishing and marketing an eBook.

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Book Blurb: Ten Tales is a collection of ten short stories for children aged 8 years and above. These stories are a mix of magic, mystery, thrill, suspense, happiness and excitement.

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They are sure to widen their imagination and give it a fresh perspective. You could also watch a small dramatic reading video snippet by the author posted here.


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August 7, by ashwini No Comments. Read once, read again and read once more before hitting that publish button. Get someone to read through your eBook — it can be an editor or someone who loves reading. As the saying goes that never judge a book by its cover. However, in real life, an attractive book cover plays a vital role in attracting readers.

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