Surviving A House Full of Whispers

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As predicted for years — but with greater acceleration than many energy market analysts predicted — the world is moving away from carbon-emitting energy production at a fast pace. According to the national nonpartisan business group E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs , clean energy jobs now outnumber fossil fuel jobs nearly 3 to 1.

Surviving a House Full of Whispers Sharon Wallace

There were more than 3. There are short-term losers in this transition — coal miners and oil-field workers, to name a few — but this transition is not only economically beneficial, it is environmentally necessary as we move the global economic engine to sustainable energy sources.

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Second, conservatives who fear that CEOs are joining left-leaning globalists who want to replace capitalism with a gauzy, anti-growth, socialist agenda that renders shareholders impotent in boardroom politics are missing a central piece of logic. What prompted many of the Business Roundtable members to approve the new model is that shareholders themselves are pushing corporations to greater environmental protections and worker rights. While European companies are ahead of us in this area, American shareholders proposed environmental and social resolutions in compared with in , according to the Sustainable Investments Institute.

This trend is not going away. More and more corporate boards are adding sustainability officers, environmental stewards and consumer protection activists. Meanwhile, those at the center believe that a balance of profits and responsible behavior is possible. And one way ahead, to be led from a moderate political middle, is to reposition government as the arbiter of not necessarily how companies achieve these environmental and consumer protections, but the required floor every company should be responsible for reaching.

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While many CEOs see increasing support for expanding the stakeholder landscape, they are still under great pressure to compete with companies that, because they are privately held or have a very narrow shareholder base, can ignore these concerns. Government should punish the free riders by enacting stronger child labor restrictions, restoring methane restrictions in energy production and re-engaging on international environmental conventions like the Paris accords.

In doing so, we level the playing field and prevent companies from harming workers, the environment and the American consumer. Trust but verify, yes. But take seriously the recent declaration to expand the beneficiaries of our capitalist economy. And if you own shares in a public company, encourage corporate leaders to follow through — and reward them and their companies for doing so.

Someday our federal lawmakers will have the luxury of turning their attention away from impeachment and back to matters of life and death.

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One of those is health insurance. Currently, we rely on a patchwork of public mainly Medicaid and Medicare and private individual and group insurance, and the holes in it are starting to grow again. According to Census Bureau data released in September, the share of Americans who had no health insurance at all in grew to 8. In , despite four years of improvement, The number of Americans with private insurance was statistically unchanged last year, as one would expect when the unemployment rate is steady or even falling.

The number covered by Medicare grew, as one would expect when 10, baby boomers are turning 65 every day. Of the additional 2 million Americans without insurance last year, about a third are immigrants.

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States that did not expand Medicaid to households surviving just above the poverty level are where the holes in the patchwork become most obvious. Last week the Kaiser Family Foundation released the results of its annual survey of employer-provided health insurance. Supreme Court ruling made that optional.

Not coincidentally, the highest uninsured rates in were in states where elected lawmakers turned down federal money to cover their working poor: Texas A federal judge in Texas ruled the ACA unconstitutional last December, but it has been left in effect while his ruling is appealed.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is one of the plaintiffs who won that ruling, but legal observers are split on whether her side will continue to prevail. Whether or not she eventually has the satisfaction of having a couple of hundred thousand working Arkansans lose their insurance, Congress will eventually get around to making changes. It would also allow carriers to charge more for older and high-risk customers — basically the kind of fewer-taxes, less-regulation, market-based approach one would expect from the Republican side of the aisle.

Women are particularly vulnerable to having insufficient savings later in life: The combination of the wage gap and time spent out of the workforce for maternity or caring for children or aging parents means that women often have two-thirds the retirement savings of men. Action must be taken now to ensure long-term economic security for women. The campaign officially launches Oct.

A house full of whispers

The Save10 movement is encouraging women to take action on a personal level for a larger structural problem. Save10 aims to amplify the pressure for collective action by calling on our partners to not only educate their employees, but to also support policies and programs that facilitate savings and address the larger retirement crisis our country faces. Proposed legislation at the federal level should help make offering plans easier. House and is expected to be taken up by the Senate in the fall, would create tax credits for small employers and relax restrictions on multiple-employer plans and annuities as part of retirement plans.

Additionally, studies in behavioral economics show that making saving easy and as automated as possible is effective in actually getting people to save. Employers and community organizations can also provide leadership to help normalize the conversation about money and personal finances by providing meaningful financial education at their institutions and anchoring messages to the Save10 concept. Offering specific and clear guidance free of conflicts of interest will help people feel more confident about their financial decision-making and more likely to commit to action.

We hope you enjoy exploring this new site — designed to make our year archive more hospitable and accessible. And if you want to stay in touch with our latest podcasts, writings, live events, and more, sign up for The Pause , our Saturday morning newsletter. Tilon Sagulu. Many people I know are consumed with wanderlust. Some are pursuing it, satisfying their desires of traveling the world.

Some keep their yearnings hidden, denying while secretly pining to see the lands across the seas. For them, life goes on no matter what.

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Some are still working hard, endlessly saving money maybe they already have more than enough , hoping that one day they can travel the world to see what they want to see, to feel, to experience, and to learn something from wandering about the face of the Earth. But what does it truly mean to travel the world?

Everyone has a subjective reason for traveling the world. Nevertheless, traveling physically is different from traveling through books and words because everything is real: the thrill of getting lost, the fear, the joy, and the awe have different intensities. Some of my traveling experiences were profound moments that have shaped the person I am today.

Everybody is a traveler and is traveling, whether they know it or not. We have forgotten to see and to notice its beauty. It was a subtle whisper to my spirit. It was mysterious, unfathomable but satisfying. These images go unglossed: hair, glacier, flashlight.

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When I think of a landscape I am thinking of a time. When I talk of taking a trip I mean forever. I could say: those mountains have a meaning but further than that I could not say. Indeed, there are meanings in every creation, and these meanings are waiting to be discovered and to be understood. It is a code-less language that connects every soul on Earth. Today, our advanced technology makes it easy for us to forget, and to become preoccupied with capturing moments with our cameras and sharing them on social media.

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It becomes easy for us to forget to be truly present in beautiful moments. Sometimes we miss the chance to see, to live, and to thrive in our experiences. They are meant to be lived out. I met a seer, Passing the hues and objects of the world, The fields of art and learning, pleasure, sense, To glean eidolons. After reading this, I asked myself: Am I not passing the hues and objects of the world as well?

Am I not a seer? The only difference between the seer and myself is that the seer sees and is aware of the things that matter to him, and from these experiences he gleans eidolons. I can be that seer too, and I am learning to glean eidolons.