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Rocky Mountain high: a stay at Colorado's token bud and breakfast

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Vivian Arend has created a set of swoon worthy characters in the Coleman family, six brothers who are not your typical one dimensional cardboard cut out cowboy hero that you can find in any bodice-ripper. I can't wait to explore each of their story. Sep 28, Tpagirl rated it liked it Shelves: aeros , pages , genre-cowboy , genre-erotic , challengepages , first-in-series , aeros-free , bought-special-free-read , challengeeros-monthly.

The series focused on the six Coleman brothers in the small town, Rocky Mountain House. And good Lord all the brothers were walking sex. They each had their own personality and brand of sexy but they were all hot AF in their own way. Blake Coleman was the eldest Coleman sibling at thirty one.

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He was the most responsible and serious, always doing what he thought was expected of him. He lusted after Jaxi but she was too young so he refused to give it merit. She was twenty one, gorgeous, sexy and innocent. She had crushed on Blake forever but the age difference was too much until now. I liked the set up for the series better than I liked Blake and Jaxi.

It was an interesting subplot. Overall, I liked the characters, the story and the set up for the series. It was sexy and fun and had long term promise to be sizzling hot as well as all have interesting stories. Next up is Daniel in Rocky Mountain Haven. Not amazing but not bad. The writing was at times a little corny and some events in the story oddly bordered on incestuous.

The sexy times were totally freaking hot though Not enough to keep me completely riveted, and that fact - plus Law Man's release - had me skimming towards the end. View all 21 comments. Putting this one on hold. I'm just not into it:. A high 3 star read. I enjoyed this story of a young girl who had set her sights on this older guy years ago and she was out to get him. Failed a bit because honestly it could have used a bit more examples of her chasing him and also because he didn't have much of a reason to stay away from her and deny her.

The sex was well done and pretty hot. There weren't many ranching details which was fine because that way there was less opportunity for irksome mistakes. She flashed him a gorgeous smile. Sweet, sexy and a very determined heroine. She's been in love with Blake since she was a kid. On her teenage years she dated Travis Coleman but it doesn't last long. She takes classes to be fit to become a rancher's wife. And after 2 years she's on another plan. And with the current accident of Marion Coleman, she was offered a job to move and take care of her and the chores, it help her to take in action her next move.

To be a Rancher's wife of Blake Coleman. Blake has certainly noticed that Jaxi is no longer the little girl he watched after while growing up. But he have issues that hinders him in pursuing Jaxi. The age gap 10 years!! To sum it all it was a fantastic read, the scenario and the ranch life was vividly portray. The smexy was sizzzzzling hot, and the HEA was super sweet. I love the Bonus Chapter View all 8 comments.

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Sex and Murder - Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

That had nothing to do with the story - in fact, neither Blake nor Jaxi even heard about it - so I'm still wondering what the point was. If it was for titillation, it didn't work for me. Shelves: 4-stars , drooling-cover , e-books , family-theme , alpha-hero , there-are-hot-men , wanna-kick-the-hero , virgin-heroine , erotic-scene , contemporary-romance.

Wonder why the Coleman's ranch called "Six Pack Ranch"? Jaxi dating Travis when she was 18 , but deep in her heart, she always want Blake,the oldest son,from the beginning. The problem was, Blake 10 years older than her, and he always threat Wonder why the Coleman's ranch called "Six Pack Ranch"? The problem was, Blake 10 years older than her, and he always threat her as his younger sister.

Blake still like that after 3 years later when Jaxi turn 21, she is mature enough and it make she frustated. So, Jaxi planned to seduce him. It's not that Blake don't want Jaxi. He want her, but age difference make him thinking twice to date her. When his stubborn act broke Jaxi's heart, Jaxi turn to Coleman's twins, and it's when Blake decided to "damn with age difference" and take action.

I read the second book Rocky Mountain Haven first, and forgot to read this, and because I want to read some cowboys story, why not? The story is simple and easy to understand. I love Jaxi personalities, even she in her earlier twenties, she act mature for her age and she save her virginity for Blake, because she always want Blake from the beginning.


Blake, oh, yes, so alpha, yet so stubborn too. There's a time I want to kick him or smack his head to make his move. There's time when Blake resisted himself from making love with Jaxi and decided just to "woo"ing her like take her to the movies, picnic, etc I already read 2 books in Six Pack Ranch will re-read Rocky Mountain Haven after this and I hope there will be more books about Coleman brothers View all 20 comments.

You've been warned. Original review. My thoughts on Rocky Mountain Heat are listed below. And Travis is Blake's brother and he's an asshole. The romance was dull. They got some taste of Jaxi with Jesse the most affected one and it happened to taunt Blake to admit his feelings for Jaxi. They have a good sense of humour and very easy going.

Also the twins share same woman and have it together.


Talk about indirect incest. Definitely not my cuppa tea. Wouldn't that be awkward? Thank goodness this is work of fiction. This is another brother. Gabe is their cousin. Matt did this for his love for Helen because she asked it from him. I was so angry with Matt because he's just so hopelessly romantic that woman played him without him realized it dammit. Poor guy. Really felt bad for him. A very dark secret at that.

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The rest was boring except for a part where I learnt a little tiny bit about Travis. That 2 stars, well I'm being nice since this author is my first. I picked this book because I needed a similar read like Shine Not Burn. However, this book wasn't anything like it. What I liked Got a glimpse of romantic parents. Blake's parents. The naughty twins Joel and Jesse are likable.

Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker

They're easy going and have a good sense of humour. Travis appeared to be an asshole at first but I learnt something very dark about him which was interesting. I got the hint but I think I have to read his book if I wanted him to reveal so.

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I liked another Coleman brother, Matt. He is a keeper and hopelessly romantic at that.

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  • What I disliked Too bad I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted. The rest The romance was dull between Blake and Jaxi. I was kind of disappointed since these two are the main characters in this book. I didn't get it why four of the brothers lusted over Jaxi. In my honest opinion, the idea that she used the three of them to get Blake is just absurd. Even though she denied it but sadly, it sounds like denial to me. I hated that Matt was being played by Helen but his love for her made him blind. Read on your own peril. View 2 comments.

    This was one of those "meh" reads. It was so ordinary that I can't think of anything to say, good or bad. So yay mediocrity! Apr 19, Somia rated it it was ok. Book 1 in a series I will not be continuing, gives us year-old heroine and year-old hero Blake Coleman. Blake, due to the age gap spends a fair bit of time denying his attraction to long-time family friend Jaxi, and then there is Jaxi who despite feeling Blake is her one true love dates his idiot brother year-old brother Travis. A Book 1 in a series I will not be continuing, gives us year-old heroine and year-old hero Blake Coleman.

    Also, the scene where Jaxi is so sick that Blake gives her ride home, just felt unbelievable. During the drive, where Jaxi is sick and feverish she unzips his pants to give him a hand job - all I could think was really? Then the author tries to write it off as big strong Blake had no choice — but he was neither injured, drunk or drugged. There are six Coleman brothers and sadly they were not distinct characters but rather felt somewhat inter-changeable. Free on amazon 19th April Sep 16, Coco.

    V marked it as to-read Shelves: freebie. View 1 comment. She's standing in their way and they don't know what to fucking do with her so they just stand there and keep trying to walk deliberately into her. I heard that in the original published edition, Jaxi gives Blake a blowjob in this scene, but the later edition revises to a handjob. Blake, possibly, because at times it feels like Blake himself is trying to escape the confines of a desperately bad plotline, but the narrative drags him back down by letting his penis get in the way of his rationality.

    See 1. I'm sorry, but is there a shortage of age-legal eligible women in this town??? The girl who has literally grown up on his land and getting into the same scrapes as his all too ornery brothers. Something as changed now however — Jaxi is under his roof and she is playing a whole new ballgame and he is not sure he likes the rules, that is if he even knows what the rules are. Jaxi the girl from the next ranch over to the Coleman's has always known what sh 4.

    Jaxi the girl from the next ranch over to the Coleman's has always known what she wanted, there was never any doubt — she wanted Blake Coleman. There was a time she thought she was not old enough, experienced enough and all the other insecurities that comes with growing up. Times are a changing and she has grown up a bit, a whole lot if the Coleman brothers are any judge of how she looks — but her biggest feat is her confidence and with that comes the knowledge that she has pussyfooted around Blake long enough — she wants him and she is going to get him.

    This is my first outing with Ms.