Yoga and Fertility: A Journey to Health and Healing

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I highly recommend beginning to see what your cycle is doing as soon as the idea of having a baby comes into your awareness. There are a few ways you can do it or you can use all three so you can be a powerhouse maven with your cycle! There are also some great apps and devices that alot of women are using to help them; I briefly talk about that in my free guide. Our livers are so inundated with just our normal day-to-day exposures to toxins, alcohol, chemicals, you name it! We live in a world surrounded by pollutants, including the ones in our food.

Elimination diets are fabulous for de-stressing your liver and freeing up your body to have to over-process so it can focus all your energy on conception! Going hand in hand with an elimination diet is integrating organic whole foods into your life. Nothing is going to give you the kind of nutrient density that helps create life like foods that are packed with easy-to-assimilate nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Eliminating certain foods and increasing lots of whole foods will help rebalance your body and create a cozy environment to conceive in. I also know how challenging it is as well! In my guided 6-week coaching program, you will learn how to detox and purify your body, nourish and restore your body-mind-spirit, and learn how to get on the right track so you can trust your process and relax into your journey.

The added mindset piece in my program is a special piece to support the ups and downs that sometimes come with this process.

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Click HERE to schedule yours! Your email address will not be published. It must be stated that I wholeheartedly endorse the pros who have contributed their unique experience, expertise and empowered approach to prenatal and postpartum wellness.

Avoid twisting, deep crunching or overstretching of your abs. Decrease your typical load for strength training by at least lbs. Essential Oils EOs are an incredible healing tool that can be used for just about anything and everything.

Fertility Wellness Program

I use them to uplift a mood, energize, to strengthen my immune system, for a restful sleep, menstrual cramps and more! I could not recommend them enough for your pregnancy, postpartum journey, and way beyond. Therefor I can put them directly on my skin diluted for children or babies and I also use select oils orally. Janelle uses yoga as a tool to celebrate what the body and mind are capable of. Janelle received her hour teacher training in the summer of from YogaWorks. She is humbled for the opportunity to share her joy and love for this practice with yo.

Kelly envisions a world of empowered, healthy and interdependent beings.

Top 7 Yoga Poses That Help Boost Fertility | DOYOUYOGA

She believes we can direct our own destiny, and she travels the joyful paths of energy work and self-study, particularly yoga, qi gong, and meditation. Her favorite avenue to share with students and fellow practitioners is Pangu Yoga, a unique blend of gentle yoga and a powerful healing qi life force. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. I believe in non-violence. I believe in speaking the Truth. I believe that your light cannot shine, if your actions are destroying Mother Earth. I believe dancing in the rain is good for the soul.

I believe in love no matter how many times a heart breaks. I believe in kindness. I take a Shamanistic approach to life.

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A Spirit Architect. An awakened soul. Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Flower Essence. Hands, Feet, Fertility. Certified Yoga Teacher hour. I have found my passion in yoga and a natural health and healing lifestyle. It all started around 7 years ago when I discovered plant based eating and it opened me up to a whole new life of vibrant healthy living.

Before shifting the way I ate, I didn't know the slightest thing about health nor did I even give it much thought. I thought I already experienced good health but I found out that wasn't the case. I came to plant based eating for compassion reasons but quickly became aware of the health benefits as my energy increased, I shed extra weight 50 lbs!! During this time my mom became very ill with a diagnoses of ovarian cancer.

She choose to go with the conventional treatment and passed shortly thereafter in the midst of much suffering. During this time, I began diligently researching healing modalities and what I found shocked me. I am not going to get into all that now but what I will say is that from direct experience I have developed the opinion that our bodies are completely self healing if we provide the right conditions. My life's mission has become applying those conditions in my own life and to be a resource and a light for others to do the same. The suffering and passing of my mom was a catalyst to my own growth and dedication to natural health and natural healing.

Since then I have studied natural hygiene, holistic nutrition, regenerative detoxification, herbal medicine, transformational coaching and yoga.

How Can Yoga Help Overcome Fertility Impediments?

My love for yoga blossomed out of the realization that a deeper connection with mind and body through movement, pranayama yogic breath techniques and meditation gives us a greater capacity to make more conscious decisions about well being, diet and self care. Imbedded in this ancient tradition are many of the same principals I learned while studying transformational coaching.

Mindful You Yoga Studio

In my approach to health, I put a strong focus on the function and strength of the endocrine gland system according to what I have learned and applied from regenerative detoxification using the healing power of herbs to support, cleanse and strengthen these precious glands. As I learned more about yoga I found that the practice can play an intricate role in maintaining and regaining health naturally by regulating the functions of the endocrine gland system and other bodily functions.

This continues to intrigue me. My aim is empower you on your health journey whether it be through working with me one on one as yoga student see where I teach locally or schedule a private session with me or as a health coaching client where I offer a range of support depending on your health concerns and goals or just as an educational resource through my journal post, newsletters or other offering. Your radiance is within you at all times you need only learn to unleash it. Be the light!! I have tried Yoga many times over the years and felt that I could never do it.

Finally I found a yoga studio that truly is for everyone!

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Crystal is the owner and an instructor, and works with all levels, and I was truly a beginner. I have Fibromyalgia, and I can definitely say that I feel so much better. I started at Mindful You about 6 months ago and faithfully take classes three times per week. Consistency is the key for me. Less pain, more flexibility. Stress is huge in my life, as it is for most people that I know. My mind is much more calm. Now I just breathe As a huge bonus my total cholesterol came down 80 points, and my LDL cholesterol came down 50 points!

My doctor thought it might be a mistake from the lab.

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  • But she agrees cortisol is rampant when one is under stress, and that I should definitely keep doing the yoga for all the above benefits. Extra bonus. This is a very friendly group--leave your pretensions at the door. And the classes are less than half of anywhere that I have checked. Private classes are at least half. Do it for you! Since our first practice, afterwards, I'm almost brought to tears throughout the day so much with, what I can only call joy, for lack of a better word. Your gentle encouraging "coaching" has made all the differnce for me. I don't feel uncomfortable or "not good enough at yoga" in the least.

    I am not sure exactly why yoga didn't click with me in years past Thank you again and again!!! Crystal's extensive knowledge of yoga along with her caring attitude is transparent during her classes. After her class I feel refreshed, focused and at peace. I use certain techniques discussed in class during the day when I feel stressed. Over time that mindset and that energy morphs us into a revised version of ourselves, one focused on rejecting, retracting, restricting. We carry pain, stress, disappointment, fear, and frustration into every aspect of our life often times not even recognizing the shift in our presence.

    It is from this place that we feel we are fighting against the world, where we begin to lose sight of our power and let go of hope. Perhaps this is you right now, handling feelings of frustration and pain around circumstances that feel out of your control, circumstances likely centered around fertility and health.

    Your mind is occupied with chatter, your soul unsettled, and your body full of stress. The cloud of darkness so thick you may have lost sight of that which remains in your control. I write to you today serving as a gentle nudge, a wave of calm, an awakening voice that reminds you of the power you still hold. Within each of us lies the ability to transform a challenging or painful moment into something more manageable, something less intense, something you can move through with a bit more ease.

    Below I offer you a list of mindful practices that support a healthy state of being. When incorporated into your daily life these simple additions encourage the body and mind into a calm, open, balanced, grounded space; the ideal environment for healing, creation, and joy. This practice can diminish the fight or flight response and outpouring of cortisol, the stress hormone associated with fear based thinking and common source of dysfunction and disease. Creating slow, equal inhales and exhales calms the nervous system and sends fresh oxygen throughout your body nourishing the organs.

    Visualize the oxygen that you take in as it moves down your body stretching through every limb, nourishing your muscles, organs, nerves, and every little cell until it reaches the tips of your toes. Bring your breath back up in the same manner with your exhale until it reaches the crown of your head. Make each inhale and exhale last 6 - 8 seconds. Continue this for 3 minutes as your body calms and mind refocuses. The incorporation of positive affirmations into your daily routine allows all that you desire and all that you are working toward to remain at the forefront of your mind.

    In times when you find yourself losing sight of your goals and visions, perhaps even losing hope, you can shift your thoughts and your energy toward your affirmation. This encourages a positive state of mind, enhances faith in your direction, offers peace and serenity, and puts the power back in your hands. This may be a feeling, a state of being in the world, or a tangible goal.

    You choose where to put your focus. Read your affirmation daily, and return to it in moments of doubt and fear.