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It is July 30, and Karl Frankton is about to enter an ecological nightmare more deadly than anything imaginable. Ford's been hired by a beautiful and vulnerable woman desperate for a cure for her erotic failures. Her one desire is to have a sexual surrogate. Even as the warning bells in his head signal disaster, Ford can't resist the chance to aid her, and invite untold danger. It all started one spring morning with a complicated calculus problem that Beth Bryant couldn't figure out.

Hoping to get a little help from the brilliant Stone twins, Rick and Ryan, and their idiot savant relative, Beth leaves them the problem, getting their assurance that they'll have it figured out by early afternoon. But by two o'clock, the calculus problem is the least of the foursome's problems.

When Beth goes to retrieve the promised answer, she finds Ryan dead. Daniel Paradine is a man of education and reason, devoted to his wife and son, and dedicated to leading them safely to Oregon. But, when their wagon train is led into a treacherous mountain detour and horrifying attacks begin to pick apart the small group, Paradine must confront the beast responsible for the nightmare At three in the morning, Aaron Montaine is driving home from his night job, when he sees a terrified and bloodied woman running blindly down the center of the street.

Not far behind her is a man in a three-piece suit with a gun. Stop the guy, save the woman, is all Aaron can think - throwing the passenger's side door open, he lets the woman jump in and then takes off. The woman tells him nothing except that she cannot go to the hospital or the police, because her pursuers will find her. Against his better judgment, Aaron offers to take her to his apartment, thinking she will be safe there What if you woke up one morning and your genes didn't fit? Saves on time. So we can call it a wrap in three days. True, there are those in our league who take even less time.

But they don't do any research. They do a handful of the more well-known spots, cruise through without eating a thing, write brief comments. It's their business, not mine. If I may be perfectly frank, I doubt that many writers take as many pains as I do at this level of reportage.

It's the kind of work that can break you if you're too serious about it, or you can kick back and do almost nothing. The worst of it is, whether you're earnest or you loaf, the difference will hardly show in the finished piece. On the surface. Only in the finer points can you find any hint of the distinction. I'm not explaining this out of pride or anything. I just wanted you to have a rough idea of the job, the sort of expendables I deal with. On the third night, I finish writing. The fourth day is left free, just in case. But since the work has been completed and we don't have anything else in the tube, we rent a car and head off for a day of cross-country skiing.

That evening, the two of us set-tle down to drinks over a nice, simmering hot pot. One day's. I turn over my manuscript to the photographer, and that's it. My job's done, the work's in someone else's hands. But before turning in that evening, I rang up Sapporo directory assistance for the number of the Dolphin Hotel. I didn't have to wait long. I sat up in bed and sighed. Well, at least the Dolphin Hotel hadn't gone under. Relief, I guess. Because I wouldn't have been surprised if it had, a mysteri-ous place like that. I took a deep breath, dialed the number -and someone answered immediately.

As if they'd been just waiting for it to ring. So immediately, in fact, I was taken aback. It was a young woman. A woman? What's going on? I don't remember a woman being there. It didn't figure, so I checked if the address was the same. Yes, it was exactly where the Dolphin Hotel I knew used to be. Maybe the hotel had hired someone new, the owner's niece or something.

Nothing so odd about that. I told her I wanted to make a reservation. Our reservations desk? Now I was really confused. I couldn't begin to digest that one. What the hell happened to the old joint? This is the reservations desk. How may I help you? The brisk, friendly pitch of the professional hotel man. Curiouser and curiouser. I asked for a single room for three nights. I gave him my name and my Tokyo phone number. That's three nights, starting from tomor-row.

Your single room will be waiting for you. I couldn't think of anything to say to that, so I thanked him and hung up, completely disoriented. Shouldn't I have. Oh well, it'd all become clear once I got there. And anyway, I couldn't not go. I didn't have an alternative. I asked the concierge to check the schedule for trains to Sapporo. After that, I got room service to send up a bottle of whiskey and some ice, and I stayed up watching a late-night movie on TV.

A Clint Eastwood western. Clint didn't smile once, didn't sneer. I tried laughing at him, but he never broke his deadpan. The movie ended and I'd had my fill of whiskey, so I turned out the light and slept straight through the night. If I dreamed, I don't remember. All I could see outside the window of the early morning express train was snow.

It was a bright, clear day, so the glare soon got to be too much. I didn't see another passenger look-ing out the windows. They all knew what snow looks like. I'd skipped breakfast, so a little before noon I made my way to the dining car. Beer and an omelet. Across from me sat a fiftyish man in a suit and tie, having beer with a ham sandwich.

He looked like a mechanical engineer, and that's just what he was. He spoke to me first, telling me he serviced jets for the Self-Defense Forces. Then he filled me in on how Soviet fighters and bombers invaded our airspace, though he didn't seem particularly upset about it.

He was more con-cerned about the economics of F4 Phantoms. How much fuel they guzzled in one scramble, a terrible waste. And at no loss to performance either! There's no reason why we couldn't build a low-cost fighter if we wanted to. That's when I proffered my words of wisdom, that waste is the highest virtue one can achieve in advanced capitalist society. The fact that Japan bought Phantom jets from Amer-ica and wasted vast quantities of fuel on scrambles put an extra spin in the global economy, and that extra spin lifted capitalism to yet greater heights.

If you put an end to all the waste, mass panic would ensue and the global economy. Waste is the fuel of contradiction, and contradiction activates the economy, and an active economy creates more waste. Well, maybe so, the engineer admitted, but having been a wartime child who had to live under deprived conditions, he couldn't grasp what this new social structure meant.

I couldn't say I exactly understood things either, but as I wasn't eager for the conversation to drag on, I kept quiet. No, I'm not used to things; I just recognize them for what they are. There's a decisive difference between those two propositions. Which is just as well, I supposed, as I finished my omelet and excused myself.

Memory Zero

I slept for thirty minutes, and the rest of the trip I read a biography of Jack London I'd bought near the Hakodate sta-tion. Compared to the grand sweep and romance of Jack London's life, my existence seemed like a squirrel with its head against a walnut, dozing until spring. For the time being, that is. But that's how biographies are.

I mean, who's going to read about the peaceful life and times of a nobody employed at the Kawasaki Municipal Library? In other words, what we seek is some kind of compensation for what we put up with. Arriving at Sapporo, I decided to take a leisurely stroll to the hotel. It was a pleasant enough afternoon, and I was car-rying only a shoulder bag. The streets were covered in a thin layer of slush, and peo-ple trained their eyes carefully at their feet. The air was exhilarating. High school girls came bustling along, their rosy red cheeks puffing white breaths you could have written cartoon captions in.

I continued my amble, taking in the sights of the town. It had been four and a half years since I was in Sapporo. It seemed like much longer. Along the way I stopped into a coffee shop. All around me normal, everyday city types were going about their nor-mal, everyday affairs. Lovers were whispering to each other, businessmen were poring over spread sheets, college kids were planning their next ski trip and discussing the new Police album.

We could have been in any city in Japan. Transplant this coffee shop scene to Yokohama or Fukuoka and nothing would seem out of place. In spite of which-or, rather, all the more because-here I was, sitting in this coffee shop, drinking my coffee, feeling a desperate loneliness. I alone was the outsider. I had no place here. Of course, by the same token, I couldn't really say I belonged to Tokyo and its coffee shops. But I had never felt this loneliness there. I could drink my coffee, read my book, pass the time of day without any special thought, all because I was part of the regular scenery.

Here I had no ties to any-one. Fact is, I'd come to reclaim myself. I paid the check and left. Then, without further thought, I headed for the hotel. I didn't know the way exactly and part of me worried that I might miss the place. I didn't. How could anyone have? It had been transformed into a gleaming twenty-six-story Bauhaus Modern-Art Deco symphony of glass and steel, with flags of various nations waving along the drive-way, smartly uniformed doormen hailing taxis, a glass eleva-tor shooting up to a penthouse restaurant.

A bas-relief of a dolphin was set into one of the marble columns by the entrance, beneath which the inscription read:. I stood there a good twenty seconds, mouth agape, star-ing up at it. Then I let out a long, deep breath that might as easily have been beamed straight to the moon. Surprise was not the word. I couldn't stand around gawking at the facade forever.

Whatever this building was, the address was correct, as was the name-for the most part. And anyway, I had a reservation, right? There was nothing to do but go in. I walked up the gently sloped driveway and pushed my way through the shiny brass revolving door. The lobby was large enough to be a gymnasium, the ceiling at least two sto-ries high. A wall of glass rose the full height, and through it cascaded a brilliant shower of sunlight.

The floor space was appointed with a fleet of luxurious designer sofas, between which were stationed planters of ornamental trees. Lots of them. The overall decor focused on an oil painting-three tatami mats large-of some Hokkaido marshland. Nothing outstanding artistically, but impressive, if only for its size. At the far end of the lobby a posh coffee bar beckoned. The sort of place where you order a sandwich and they bring you four deviled ham dainties arrayed like calling cards on a sil-ver tray with an embellishment of potato crisps and cornichons.

Throw in a cup of coffee and you're spending enough to buy a frugal family of four a midday meal. The lobby was crowded. Apparently a function was in progress. A group of well-dressed, middle-aged men sat on facing sofas, nodding and smiling magnanimously. Jaws thrust out, legs crossed, identically. A professional organiza-. Doctors or university professors? On their periph-ery-perhaps they were part of the same gathering-cooed a clutch of young women in formal dress, some of them in kimono, some in floor-length dresses. There were a few Westerners as well, not to mention the requisite salarymen in dark suits and harmless ties, attache cases in hand.

In a word, business was booming at the new Dolphin Hotel. What we had here was a hotel founded on a proper out-lay of capital and now enjoying proper returns. But how the hell had this come about? Well, I could guess, of course. Having once put together a PR bulletin for a hotel chain, I knew the whole process. Before a hotel of this scale is built, someone first costs out every aspect of the venture in detail, then consultants are called in and every piece of information is input into their computers for a thorough simulation study.

Everything including the wholesale price and usage volume of toilet paper is taken into account. Then students are hired to go around the city-Sapporo in this case-to do a market survey. They stop young men and women on the street and ask how many weddings they expect to attend each year. You get the picture. Little is left unchecked. All in an effort to reduce business risk. So the Hotel Dauphin project team had gone to great lengths over many months to draw up as precise a plan as possible. They bought the property, they assembled the staff, they pinned down flash advertising space. If money was all it took-and they were convinced they'd make that money back-there'd be no end of funds pouring in.

It's big busi-ness of a big order. Now, the only enterprises that could embark on such a big business venture were the huge conglomerates. Because even after paring away the risks, there's bound to be some hidden factor of uncertainty lurking around, which only a major player can conceivably absorb. To be honest, this new Dolphin Hotel wasn't my kind of hotel. Or at least, under normal circumstances, if I had to choose a place to stay, I wouldn't go for one that looked like this. The rates are too high; too much padding, too many frills. But this time the die had been cast.

I went to the front desk and gave my name, whereupon three light blue blazered young women with toothpaste-com-mercial smiles greeted me. This smile training surely figured into the capital outlay. With their virgin-snow white blouses and immaculate hairstyles, the receptionists were picture-perfect. Of the three, one wore glasses, which of course suited her nicely. When she stepped over to me, I actually felt a shot of relief. She was the prettiest and most immedi-ately likable. There was something about her expression I responded to, some embodiment of hotel spirit.

DecoArts Black Gesso Part 1

I half expected her to produce a tiny magic wand, like in a Disney movie, and tap out swirls of diamond dust. But instead of a magic wand, she used a computer, swiftly typing in my name and credit card number, then verifying the details on the display screen. Then she handed me my card-key, room number I smiled as I accepted the hotel brochure from her. When had the hotel opened? I asked. Last October, she answered, almost in reflex. It was now in its fifth month of operation.

Do you have any idea what became of it? A slight disturbance clouded her smile. Quiet ripples spread across her face, as if a beer bottle had been tossed into a sacred spring. By the time the ripples subsided, her reassumed smile was a shade less cheerful than before. I observed the changes with great interest. Would the sprite of the spring now appear to ask whether the item I disposed of had a gold or silver twist top?

Her words cut off. I waited for her to continue, but she didn't. Seconds went by. I found myself liking her. I wanted to touch the bridge of my glasses as well, except that I wasn't wearing any glasses. She held her breath a second, thinking it over. The smile vanished. It's exceedingly difficult to hold your breath and keep smiling. Just try it if you don't believe me. Thirty seconds later, she returned with a fortyish man in a black suit. A real live hotelier by the looks of him. I'd met enough of them in my line of work. They are a dubious species, with twenty-five different smiles on call for every variety of cir-cumstance.

From the cool and cordial twinge of disinterest to the measured grin of satisfaction. They wield the entire arsenal by number, like golf clubs for particular shots. When he noted my attire, however, the smile was quickly adjusted down three notches. I was wearing my fur-lined hunting jacket with a Keith Haring button pinned to the chest, an Austrian Army-issue Alps Corps fur cap, a rough-and-ready pair of hiking trousers with lots of pockets, and snow-tire treaded work boots.

All fine and practical items of dress, but just a tad unsuitable for this hotel lobby. No fault of mine, only a difference in life-style. I put both hands on the counter and repeated my query. The man cast a glance at my Mickey Mouse watch with the same clinical unease a vet might direct at a cat's sprained paw. If you don't mind my asking, that is?

I explained as simply as I could: A good while back I had stayed at the old Dolphin Hotel and gotten to know the owner; now, years later, I visit and everything's completely changed. Which makes me wonder, what happened to the old guy? The man nodded attentively. As you can see, the name was for all intents and purposes retained, but let me assure you that the manage-ment is altogether separate, with no relation whatsoever to its predecessor.

Someone who might know? So unfortunately, if someone such as yourself desires to know anything more specific, there's really very little Certainly what he said made sense, yet something caught in the back of my mind. Something artificial, manufactured really, about the responses from both the young woman and the stiff now fielding my questions. I couldn't put my finger on anything exactly, yet I couldn't swallow the line. Do your. That tone of voice when someone's hiding something, that knowing expression of someone who's lying. No real evi-dence to go on. Only a hunch, that there was more here than being said.

Still, it was clear that nothing more would come from pushing them further. I thanked the man; he excused himself and withdrew. After his black suit had vanished from view, I asked the young woman about meals and room service, and she went on at length.

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While she spoke, I peered straight into her eyes. Beautiful eyes. I swear I almost began to see things in them. But when she met my gaze, she blushed. Which made me like her even more. Why was that? Was it that hotel spirit in her? Whatever, I thanked her, turned away, and took the elevator up to my floor.

Room proved to be quite a room. Both the bed and the bath were far too big for a single. A full complement of shampoo, conditioner, and after-shave was provided, as was a bathrobe. The refrigerator was chock-full of snacks. There was an ample writing desk, with plenty of stationery and envelopes. The closet was large, the carpet deep-piled.

I took off my coat and boots and picked up the hotel brochure. Quite a production. They hadn't spared any expense on this job. L'Hotel Dauphin represents a wholly new development in quality city center lodgings, the brochure stated. Complete with the latest conveniences and full twenty-four-hour ser-vices.

Our guest rooms are spacious and sumptuously styled. Featuring the finest selection of products, a restful atmo-sphere, and a warm at-home feeling. In other words, they'd spent a lot of money, so the rates were high. Indeed, this was a very well turned out hotel. A big shop-ping arcade in the basement, an indoor pool, sauna, and tan-ning salon. Tennis courts, a health club with training coaches and exercise equipment, conference rooms outfitted.

Not to mention a limousine service, free work space, unlimited business supplies available to all guests. Anything you could want, they'd thought of-and then some. A rooftop heliport? Intelligent facilities in an impeccable decor. But what of the commercial group that owned and oper-ated this hotel? I reread the brochure from cover to cover. Not one mention of the management. Odd, to say the least. It was unthinkable that any but the most experienced hotel chain could run a topflight operation like this, and any enterprise of such scale would be certain to stamp its name everywhere and take every opportunity to promote its full line of hotels.

That's how it is. And then there was still the question, why would a hotel of this class take on the name of a dump like the old Dol-phin? I couldn't come up with even a flake of an answer to that one. I threw the brochure onto the table, fell back into the sofa with my feet kicked up, and looked out my fifteenth-story window. All I could see was blue sky. I felt like I was flying. All this was fine, but I missed the old dive. There'd been a lot to see from those windows. I puttered around in the hotel, seeing what there was to see. I checked out the restaurants and lounges, took a peek at the pool and sauna and health club and tennis courts, bought a couple of books in the shopping arcade.

I criss-crossed the lobby, then gravitated to the game center and played a few rounds of backgammon. That alone took up the afternoon. The hotel was practically an amusement park. The world is full of ways and means to waste time. After that, I left the hotel to have a look around the area. As I strolled through the early evening streets, the lay of the town gradually came back to me.

Back when I'd stayed at the old Dolphin Hotel, I'd covered this area with depressing regularity, day after day.

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Turn here, and there was this or that. The old Dolphin hadn't had a dining room-if it had, I doubt I would have been inclined to eat there-so we, Kiki and I, would always go someplace nearby for meals. Now I felt like I was visiting an old neighborhood and was content just to wander about, taking in familiar sights.

When the sun went down, the air grew cold. The streets echoed with the wet sounds of slush underfoot. There was no wind, so walking was not at all unpleasant. It was still crisp and clear. Even the piles of exhaust-gray snow plowed up on every corner looked positively enchanting beneath the streetlights. The area had changed markedly from the old days. Of course, those 'old days' were only four years back, as I've said, so most of the places I'd frequented were more or less the same.

The local atmosphere was basically the same as well, but signs of change were everywhere. Stores were boarded up, announcements of development to come tacked over. A large building was under construction. A drive-through burger stand and designer boutiques and a Euro-pean auto showroom and a trendy cafe with an inner courtyard of sara trees-all kinds of new establishments had popped up one after the next, pushing aside the dingy old three-story blockhouses and cheap eateries festooned with traditional noren entrance curtains and the sweetshop where a cat lay napping by the stove.

The odd mix of styles presented an all-too-temporary show of coexistence, like the mouth of a child with new teeth coming in. A bank had even opened a new branch, maybe a spillover of the new Dolphin Hotel capitalization. Build a hotel of that scale in a perfectly ordinary-if a bit neglected-neighborhood, and the balance is upset. The flow of people changes, the place starts to jump. Land prices go up.

Or perhaps the changes were more cumulative. That is, the upheaval hadn't been wrought by the new Dolphin Hotel alone, but was a stage in the greater infrastructural changes of the area. Some long-term urban redevelopment program, for example. I went into a small bar I remembered, and had a few drinks and a bite to eat. The place was dirty, noisy, cheap, and good. The kind of hole-in-the-wall I always look for when I have to eat out alone. Places like this put me at ease, never make me lonely.

I can talk to myself and nobody listens or cares. After eating, I still wanted something else, so I asked for some sake. As the warm brew seeped into my system, the question came to me: What on earth am I doing up here? The Dolphin Hotel, such that I was seeking, no longer existed. It didn't matter what it was I was looking for, the place was no more. And not merely gone, it'd been replaced by this idiotic. Star Wars high-tech hotel-a-thon. I was too late. My dreams of the once-Dolphin Hotel had been nothing more than dreams of Kiki, long vanished out the door. Perhaps there was someone crying for me.

But that too was gone. Nothing was left. What could you possibly hope to find here, kid?

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You said it, I thought. Or maybe I had my mouth open and actually said it to myself. There's nothing left here. Not one thing left for you. I clamped my lips tight and stared at the bottle of soy sauce on the counter. You live by yourself for a stretch of time and you get to staring at different objects. Sometimes you talk to yourself. You take meals in crowded joints.

You develop an intimate relationship with your used Subaru. You slowly but surely become a has-been. I left the bar and headed back to the hotel. I'd walked a fair bit, but it wasn't hard finding my way back. I had only to look up to see the new Dolphin Hotel towering above everything else. Like the three wise men guided by a star to Jerusalem or Bethlehem or wherever it was, I steered straight for the main attraction. After a bath, toweling my hair dry, I gazed out over the Sapporo cityscape.

When I stayed at the old Dolphin, hadn't there been a small office building outside my window? What kind of office, I never did figure out, but it was a company and people were busy. That had been my view day after day. They begin to feel at home and realise that problems are also Example: o Why are you interested in learning a new language? MUST By the end of the week PUT Her mother For questions , choose the answer A, B, C or 0 which you think fits best according to the text. Nelson's interest in racing was with concentration. The pre-race interviews are unstoppable; he would wake up early on weekends over, and the glamour models are off the track.

He Squeezed into his driving seat, wearing a red, white used to be up even before me in the mornings, and yellow jumpsuit and white helmet, Nelson getting ready for the day's race," says his father. Jones is pulling on a pair of tight black gloves. No After taking part in three or four local races in question where he's expecting to finish: "First," he Britain, in which he won first place despite his says before pulling down his gold visor.

At the start young age, Nelson decided that he would go for signal, with a burst of engine noise, the drivers dart it and have a crack at his first international line 49 down to the first tum. Grand Prix in Germany, which he won as well. It all sounds a lot like a Formula One car race, but Although Nelson now travels all over Britain and there's a difference - Nelson is all of thirteen years Europe to take part in races, Lincolnshire remains old, and he's racing in a go-kart.

What could be seen home. Growing up there, the interest he showed in as child's play in this rural town of Lincolnshire is in racing was not via the usual exposure to video fact a proving ground for professionals. Almost all games, like the other kids he meets at races. One It is the first step for young talent to move into day, as we were driving past, I made my father stop professional race cars, because it introduces them to the car so I could have a better look at the karts the essential basics such as finding the racing line, flying by.

I saw so many people, including kids my concentration and how to compete on the track. The sters keen to make racing their life's ambition. Nelson's The instructor then informed Nelson's father it was father, Steve, stood by his son at every step. Racing can be really national racing circuit. But what is it like to be so dangerous and it gets expensive, but five years ago, young with a schedule fully booked with races, and when I had the opportunity to buy him his first all eyes watching him, expecting victory after official kart, I rushed to do it. It was in a really bad victory?

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The public's expectations, as well as the The appeal is not hard to see. Karting offers the pressure, helps me focus and concentrate so I can thrills and spills of real-life racing but with less race at my highest level. Avoid options that use words B doesn't want a long pre-race interview. C is confident that he will win the race. D is uncomfortable in his small driving seat.

B it helps them decide whether racing is really their life's ambition. C it teaches them some of the skills they need to race professionally. D it gives them valuable experience of driving in a small bucket seat.

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A He worried about the dangers of such a hobby. B He thought Nelson's talent must be supported. C He realised this hobby would be very expensive. D He believed Nelson was too young for racing. B did a lot of preparation before a race. C preferred working on his kart to racing. D needed to increase his self-control. B realised it was a chance to start a successful career. C was used to winning every Grand Prix he entered. D thought he was too young for an international race. Nelson became interested in kart racing A because his father often talked about it. B after watching other children doing it.

C to meet other children of his own age. D because of his exposure to video games. What does the writer suggest about Nelson's first race instructor? A He lacked confidence in his teaching ability. B He was not qualified to teach professionals. C He only coached drivers under the age of twelve. D He decided to look for a younger driver to coach. What is Nelson referring to when he says, "It's good for me" line 73?

Choose from the sentences A- H the one which fits each gap Star Signs Stars are not the only ones making big money in Hollywood any more Each day in Los Angeles, from posh hotels to While the demand for celebrity signatures is high, trendy nightclubs, from the back gates of television real collectors disapprove of autograph hunters and studios to peaceful restaurants, celebrities are being their methods. II0 These hunters will stake harassed for their signatures. A bold breed of out stars at hotels, restaurants and nightclubs and entrepreneur has emerged in Hollywood: the then, if the stars refuse to sign, chase their car until professional autograph hunter.

The fact is that autographs of a moment's notice. Alfie claims that the majority of famous stars can command hundreds of dollars on the very famous stars are courteous and very nice with open market. II0 Because they view it as a him and fans in general. He can look like a college student or dress that the only reason some celebrities don't want to up as a woman if he has to.

Once, after getting Julia sign autographs is because they don't make any Roberts to sign a photo during the filming of one of money from the sale of their own signatures. It appears that Another difficult person to get autographs from is what once was the ultimate display of admiration has Harrison Ford. It is said that even people working on now grown into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, and a movie with him cannot get his autograph.

B During his presidency, President Clinton F The Hollywood trade magazines tell him was chased for miles by a year-old boy which stars are cast in movies and TV from New York to get his autograph on a shows, as well as providing him with a list photo of the White House. C As celebrity has become one of the G Collectors feel that getting an autograph has dominant aspects of American culture, the become a dangerous game where some of the public's passion for owning anything most successful autograph hunters literally connected to celebrities has exploded.

D Joe Kraus, owner of Celebrity Galleries in H Kraus said one of the hardest autographs to Stockton, California, says "the artist has obtain is Elizabeth Taylor's, because most of made money off the public, so the public, in 'her' signatures are actually done by some ways, is making money off the artist. Look for links at the beginning and end of the missing sentences as well as before and after the gaps. For questions , choose from the people A-D. It may be helpful to go through each section of the text in tum and match the questions which refer to it.

Which person pursues his hobby as a change from his everyday life? ElO mentions the ability to spot whether an object is genuine or not? Like many other people Mike Irwin I used to work as an office manager, but when I realised that I was actually making more money from my hobby, I handed in my notice and became a full-time antique collector and who earn their living as divers, I also do it for dealer. Most collectors have a speciality, and pleasure. In my free time I look for sunken mine is Art Deco objects, jewellery and treasure. There are still many ships lying at the furniture.

This is a style that was very popular in bottom of the sea with cargoes of gold and silver the s and 30s, and which is still popular with just waiting to be discovered. But it is a very many collectors today. My favourite hunting time-consuming hobby, with a very high failure grounds are flea markets, car boot sales and rate.

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It requires a lot of research into the history jumble sales, because I can often find items at of shipwrecks, and even with the latest amazingly cheap prices and sell them on for a technology it can be difficult to locate them. I sometimes go to antique fairs, too, Many marine archaeologists object to people but I don't usually go to auctions, as they tend to like me diving for treasure, as they claim it can be quite expensive. If you want to succeed in disturb underwater historical sites. However, it this business you need to have a very well- is perfectly legal to seek out treasure under the trained eye in order to be able to tell which sea.

Also, if I find something I think is of pieces are authentic and which ones are simply historical value, I hand it over to a museum, so modern replicas of the Art Deco style. I'm very I think I actually help historians. Of course, lucky, in that I can make a good living doing anything else I find I sell to collectors. Steve Adams I John Lessing When I was a little boy, I really used to enjoy During the week I'm a schoolteacher - I digging around in our back garden and at the teach Maths - but at the weekend I need to take beach, looking for anything of interest.

So it's a break from my usual routine, so my son and I hardly surprising that I grew up to become an become amateur treasure hunters. Every archaeologist. I wouldn't say it was easy getting weekend we take our metal detectors to the to the top of the profession, and it took me countryside to scour the fields for interesting many years to become a respected leader in my objects. Some of the best places are fields that field. It's usually hot, hard work on an were once battle grounds, as you can come across archaeological dig, sifting carefully through all sorts of fascinating items.

Most of the time we layers of ancient dirt under the sun all day long. I'm very proud of uniform buttons. We keep our best finds in the the priceless objects that have been uncovered dining room at home, so we can show our at the sites I'm in charge of. I believe that I have collection to friends and visitors. I'll always helped to give the world some beautiful ancient remember the time we actually discovered a artefacts that we would never have found Viking hoard that had been buried for over a otherwise, and that this has contributed both to thousand years.

It was one of the most substantial our world heritage and to our knowledge of the and valuable finds ever made in our region, and. You have received an email from the secretary asking members for various information. Read the email and the notes you have made. Then write an email toStudents. What greeting and Hello! If you are preparing for exams, please tell us what main Give opinion coursebook or other material you use, and whether you feel it and say why has been a good or bad choice.

Give brief reasons, please! Secondly, do you have any study suggestions or learning tips Make one or which helped you, and might help other members improve two suggestions their English? Explain Finally, could you tell us how you found out about Students' World, and what made you decide to become a member? Yes - We'd like to include members' responses on the website, but as long as May we use your answers in this way?

Please reply soon! Jane Edwards Write your email. Plan the structure and make notes before you start writing. This will ensure that you don't run out of ideas half way through the task. Spend the day with someone famous If you could spend 24 hours with a famous person, who would you choose and why? The best article will be published in our magazine next month.

You have recently seen a music concert, which you enjoyed very much. Write a letter to an English- speaking penfriend, describing the concert and explaining why you thought it was so good. Your English class has had a discussion about different ways to meet new people. Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay, saying whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: The Internet is the best way to meet new people.

Don't spend too long on one part of the paper but make sure you have time to attempt all four parts. Whether this is It is also ideal for a day You should What is probably of most You can Many of the oldest and most remarkable colleges are centrally It is a good idea to check before visiting, The two rivers that Both the Thames and the Cherwell rivers are lined with lush green vegetation, and a stroll along their Different kinds of boats are available for hire at several central locations from April to September.

Technology "Technology" includes any machine, method or system Whether in the form of a primitive hand-held tool Without the ability Throughout history, technological progress has changed the Thousands of years The gradual development of agricultural tools and farming methods meant that people no longer had to wander in search of food, but Similarly, the Industrial Revolution in the s brought the invention of the steam engine and machines This produced great social change, as millions of? OOple moved to the cites to work in factories. Others have been The car, for example, is a.

J Never leave the prompt word at the end of the line unchanged. Sport on Television Television has In recent decades it has become virtually We are so accustomed to this that if we don't see the instant replay, we're left with the Television has also been a major factor in making top Their fees may PAY The hotel MIND She can't USED Special instruments WHO It WELL As TELL I If you walk into any bookstore there is an entire were more successful than my attempts, at this later shelf dedicated to books about people who decide stage in my life, to acquire a new language.

I to change their lives by relocating to another persevered, however, and after a few weeks of country. This usually involves selling their house lessons I actually had a short conversation with a and car in the UK, buying a run-down old house local - OK, I only asked for directions to the train abroad and renovating it, experiencing amusing station. In my mind, though, this was a triumph of cultural misunderstandings and meeting charming communication and I was satisfied with my modest locals along the way.

I used to sneer at those kinds progress. Sandro, was moving to Rome and selling his farm- One day, instead of walking straight past this house for a song. John said he wished he had the line 5: section, I found myself stopping to browse, and money to purchase it himself, as the property was ended up selecting a book to read on the train. The sure to be snapped up soon. I couldn't believe that it cover showed a cluster of villages clinging to a steep cost less than half the amount that I had sold my tiny cliff, surrounded by blue-green water.

It was about apartment for. Would I dare to copy the writers of all an accountant who realised one day how boring her those books, and the couple on the TV reality show? Mer reading I had to go and have a look, of course. The farm- the book, I started watching a reality TV show called house was located on the top of a lush hill, and A New Home in Tuscany, about a couple who leave although it was very run-down, it possessed charm.

London and move to the Italian hills. I became so There were extensive orchards with well-kept trees, hooked that if friends called on Tuesday nights I so I would have nature's bounty literally on my would make some excuse not to go out. Soon the doorstep. I bought it straight away. The farmhouse was constructed entirely of I resigned from the hospital where I worked, sold stone and wood in , and was collapsing in my apartment and moved to the region of Umbria in several places. My first priority, therefore, was to Italy.

Once there, I rented an apartment and hired a hire some local craftsmen to add supports to the little motorbike. I loved sampling the local cuisine building. I also strengthened the foundations, and I even signed up for a short cooking course. A installed a new kitchen and renovated the rest of very charming local called Francesco ran the course.

In the end, all the cost and effort were When he told me that I cooked like a local myself, I worthwhile, because I felt I belonged here as much didn't care whether this was a little white lie or as I did anywhere in the world, and I was genuine praise. By the end of each lesson, not only determined to make it my home. I must say I had we learnt how to prepare an authentic Umbrian sometimes look at my collection of books on Italy dish, we were also rolling around the floor in fits of and think I'd like to have a go at writing one myself!

I didn't quite find the simple life, but I did find course. It is fair to say that my attempts at cooking what the Italians call the sweet life -la dolce vita. A They took up too much space in bookstores. Don't choose options which sound likely B They contained many entertaining stories. B she was really interested in her book about Italy. D she preferred not to see friends during the week. B he wasn't honest with his students. D his students found him amusing. A that she could learn Italian easily in spite of her age B that a three-month course of lessons would be enough e that it was harder than learning to cook local dishes D that it would help her to get on better with the locals 5 The writer uses the phrase 'for a song' line 52 to suggest the farmhouse was being sold A as quickly as possible.

B for personal reasons. D at a very low price. B mistakenly thought it would be easy to repair it. D thought the orchards were too close to the farmhouse. A She felt that the unexpected difficulties had spoilt her dreams. B She was disappointed that she couldn't find the simple life she wanted. D She felt that, despite the problems, her decision had been a good one. A She began to understand why their authors write them.

B She now realised they made it seem easier than it really was. D She started to enjoy collecting them as a hobby. Annie Fielding talks about her journey to becoming a successful female stunt performer. Falling face first through a plate of glass, being I only entered the stunt industry four years ago and thrown from a moving car, diving off a tall building and now I have built up a fairly impressive list of stunt being beaten up - this could all be the material from work experience.

I have worked in music videos, tele- people's nightmares, but for me it's all in a day's work. There are many unemployed stunt and films. I was working on the set of a musical, over- performers out there. The longest I have gone without seeing a particularly complex dance sequence, when I a project is a month, so I consider myself really lucky. You might get asked stunt coordinator on the movie.

We hit it off straight to do a stair fall or a car knock-down. Then we decided to get The days tend to be long and, depending on what is married. Sometimes you get to travel. My last job - but just for fun Dan started showing me a few basic doubling for an actress in a horror film - involved stunts, such as falling and landing safely.

Apparently, I was a natural. I didn't find these stunts If I'm not working, I'm training. I take karate too difficult, because my dance background had lessons and always find time to ride, as horse stunts are equipped me with a certain amount of physical strength my speciality.

I also make sure I rehearse driving stunts and flexibility. Compared to dancing around a studio, I in deserted areas. Doing long falls is a common thing found it exhilarating because there were more risks asked of stunt people but it is not something you can involved. It prompted me to rethink my own career. I learnt for anything that is asked of me. I remember the pain that I and daring, but I take every opportunity to tell young suffered in this short space of time. II0 By the people that they must be prepared to work incredibly time I was hired for my first stunt job, I felt ready.

I hard. III0 Yes, you do get to live out your know that within the stunt community there was some action fantasies and have the chance to work with top talk that my connection with Dan had helped me to celebrities, but there is always the possibility that you land jobs. Well, that may have been the case at first, may get injured in spite of all the safety precautions but since then I believe I have proved myself on my taken.

It is, in my opinion, important to have a realistic own merit. I keep getting hired to do further jobs so I idea about the profession. B I like it when we work on a film together, F People in the industry say that such success because can see each other every day. C I think even he was surprised by what I G I just need to keep my body lean and in could do. D I didn't know then that he would inspire me H I would go to bed every night covered in to follow a different path in life.

If you cannot fit a sentence into a gap, move on to the next one. Don't waste time on it. You can always go back to the gap later. Make sure you select all the options at least once. Which person goes to the supermarket every two or three days? They get My wife and I retired ten years ago and we bored and restless and start to play up.

It can be recently gave up the car as it was too expensive to really embarrassing when everyone stares at you run on our pensions. We get the bus into town because both your kids are sobbing their hearts out! We're not as fast And if you're not watching them, they can take on our feet as we once were, and some young goods off the shelves without you noticing.

Once I people can be very inconsiderate, pushing you out even managed to briefly lose my two-year-old son. I was frantic as they'd like. Others, of course, are very helpful when I realised he wasn't by my side. Luckily one of and will give you a hand when they see you need the assistants saw him and picked him up, but it was it.

Even though it can wear you out carrying all a scary five minutes until I got him back. I'm glad to the bags, we try to make a nice outing of it. We'll say that things have improved in my shopping centre treat ourselves to a bit of lunch at one of the cafes, recently, as they've opened a supervised play area or we'll go for tea and sandwiches at one of the where I can drop the kids off while I shop, and pick nice tea rooms in the centre.

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We actually look them up when I've finished. It really makes life forward to our shopping trips! This I'm not keen on shopping with other people, means that I end up popping out to the super- because it always seems to take much longer, so I market at least three times a week to get in more usually go on my own. Nowadays big British supplies.

I don't mind, though, because unlike most supermarkets are open all night, which is very people, I find supermarkets to be quite relaxing convenient for me. I prefer to go as late as places. I enjoy wandering slowly down all the aisles, possible, when there are no queues at the checking out any new products or searching for checkout and I can get all my shopping done very special offers. I always take a calculator with me, as quickly. I usually only go once a month and make I like to know how much I'm spending, and I prefer sure I stock up on everything I'm likely to need.

It to buy the shop's own-brand products, because they means you have to plan all your meals, and you cost a lot less than the big name brands. My kids need to have a big freezer, but at least I don't complain that we never have the "proper" waste my all-too-precious time going to the shops breakfast cereal or the "really nice" baked beans, every couple of days. If I do run out of something, but I just point out that it leaves us with more or realise I've forgotten something I need, then money to do the really fun things.

I'm sure they I'll grab it from the local mini-market. I try to know I'm right. Read Robert's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Robert, using all your notes. As part of my ICT course, I have to design a website. I've decided to do a site about various countries, including your country, through the eyes of young people living there. I've got lots of general information, but I need your personal comments and ideas.

First of all, do you think it's a good idea? Would you be interested in visiting a site like this? Could you send me some? It will have to be in a format I can use on the website, of course. Organise the information under appropriate headings which are usually included in the rubric. You have been asked by the school principal to find out what students think about your school and if they would like to see any changes. Write a report making recommendations about lessons, the facilities, the food at the canteen and anything else you would like to see changed.


Write your report. How and why did you start learning English? Do you want to share your experience with other language learners? Tell us how and why you started and what you think is the best way to learn English. The best articles will be published in the next issue. Write an article based on your own experience. Your English class has just had a discussion on whether money is a good or bad thing. Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay giving your opinion on the following statement: Having too much money is as much of a problem as not having enough.

This was the MTV was born. Before this, pop and rock artists relied on radio to Some critics Other artists, MTV both influenced and was influenced by the young generation, and the channel had an Over the following years, MTV Nowadays there are few people in the world who have not Since the channel's humble beginnings, the first MTV viewers have grown older and now themselves have children who Today's audience Today, there is no longer an emphasis on music alone, and the channel also has quiz shows, reality shows and fIlms.

The original idea of music television is a distant One night, Byron challenged the Shelleys and his doctor, Polidori, to each make up a ghost story. This ultimately lead her to write one of the greatest horror novels of all time - Frankenstein. In the finished novel, a mad scientist Victor Frankenstein brings a monster to life.

It is really a warning against man's dangerous relationship The book was first published It is astonishing to think that it was Early Clocks The The AGREE word 'clock' originated from the Latin word 'clocca', which means 'bell', and it was first coined about years ago. Before the People first told the time by looking at the sun in the sky. When the sun was DIRECf overhead, it was noon, and when it was close to the horizon, it was either sunrise or sunset.

But time could not be told However, since sundials are Water clocks, or clepsydra, were an Egyptian invention and were also The Greeks made several Water clocks had the advantage over sundials that they could also be used at night. Example: o The school I studied at last year was better than this one. HAVE I RUN The car UP If you don't know how to spell the word, you IF We could go for a walk At eleven o'clock, his pregnant wife rose and went to bed. He was known to be a very good doctor, with a talent for diagnosis and a reputation for skilful work.

He had graduated first in his class. Still, it was early in his career and - though he hid it very carefully - he was unsure enough about his skills that he studied in every spare moment, collecting each success he accomplished as one more piece of evidence in his own favour.

When he was younger, he felt himself to be the odd one out at home, born with a love for learning line 8 in a family absorbed in desperately trying to just get by, struggling day to day to make ends meet and avoid the debt collector. They had seen education as an unnecessary luxury, and no guarantee of making a good living. They were so poor, that when they went to the doctor at all it was to the clinic in Morgantown, fifty miles away.

His memories of those rare trips were vivid, bouncing in the back of the borrowed pickup truck, dust flying in their wake. The dancing road, his sister had called it, from her place in the front with their parents. In Morgantown the rooms were dim, poorly lit, and the walls were painted a depressing green that reminded David of dirty pond water. The doctors had always been hurried, abrupt with them, distracted. All these years later, David still had moments when he imagined those doctors from his childhood gazing at him, and he felt himself to be an impostor, about to be unmasked and revealed by a single line 18 mistake.

He knew his choice of specialisation reflected this. The random excitement of general medicine was not for him. Neither was the delicate risky plumbing of the heart. He dealt mostly with broken bones, sculpting casts and viewing X-rays, watching breaks slowly yet miraculously knit themselves back together.

He liked that bones were solid things, surviving even the extreme heat of cremation. Bones would last; it was easy for him to put his faith in something so solid and predictable. He read well past midnight, until the words swam senselessly on the bright white pages, and then he threw the journal on the coffee table and put out the fire in the fireplace.

The stairs creaked with his weight as he climbed to the second floor of their new house. He paused by the nursery door, studying the shadowy shapes of the baby crib and the changing table, the stuffed animals and toys arranged on shelves. The walls were painted a pale sea green. His wife had made the quilt that hung on the far wall, sewing night after night making tiny stitches, stubbornly tearing out entire panels if she noted even the slightest imperfection.